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​Planning and sales of brands using materials derived from Africa


Planning and operation of African-themed event such as Tokyo Africa Collection

Marketing Support

​Overseas expansion support, marketing support, consulting, etc.

Stagebank, Inc was established as an organizer of fashion show with an African theme. In addition to hosting and co-sponsoring shows in Tokyo and Yokohama, we have also planned pop-up shops in Japan and Singapore.


The most recent “Tokyo Africa Collection 2019” was certified as a TICAD7 partner project by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, endorced by  African embassies, JICA, JETRO, etc., and sponsored by Ethiopian Airlines, AAIC, etc., and we mobilized 600 people (full house) at Yurakucho Asahi Hall. Former AKB48 member Sayaka Akimoto serves as an ambassador, and brands from various African countries such as Rwanda, South Sudan and Nigeria participated. It was exposed in various media such as NHK, WWD, Japan Times, and Kyodo News.

Currently, in addition to running fashion shows and events related to Africa, we are developing various businesses such as planning our own consumer goods brand and marketing support using influencers.

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Our Event

Tokyo Africa Collection

Planning and management of fashion shows with the theme of Africa.


Our Brand


An underwear mist brand supervised by dermatologists using African and Japanese materials.




In 2016, he launched the African-themed fashion show Tokyo Africa Collection, and has since served as its representative. In 2019, he incorporated Tokyo Africa Collection, Inc (currently Stagebank, Inc) and assumed the position of CEO.

He also worked at P&G (Marketing) from 2018 to 2022. He was mostly based in Singapore, where the Asian headquarter is located. He was in charge of the products under fabric softener brand Lenor and managed to achieve V-shaped recovery and double-digit growth for all products. Both as an individual and as a team, he won the highest award of the year, and was promoted to brand director at the fastest level in the history of new hire. He has strengths in concept development based on a deep understanding of consumers, and in designing and managing overall marketing activities.


He graduated from Waseda University and obtained master's degree from London School of Economics.

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​Report: Tokyo Africa Talk #2


ASLINA will sponsor the second edition of Tokyo Africa Talk


​The second edition of Tokyo Africa Talk will be held in Omotesando


Our Brands will participate in NCAF Charity Bazaar


Our Brands will participate in Global Festa Japan 2023


Our new brand HIBIRI underwear mist will be launched


​Report: Tokyo Africa Talk #1


​The first edition of Tokyo Africa Talk will be held in Harajuku


​The first post-COVID19 Tokyo Africa Collection was held in Roppongi


Pop-up shop at Raffles Hotel Singapore


Pop-up shop at LUMINE Singapore


Tokyo Africa Collection was covered in NIKKEI Shimbun


Tokyo Africa Collection was featured on NHK "Good Morning Japan"


Tokyo Africa Collection was featured in Japan Times


Tokyo Africa Collection was covered in Kyodo News


Tokyo Africa Collection was covered in WWD Japan


Pop-up store was held at the Marui Yurakucho


​Marketing consulting, consultation on sponsorship of Africa-related events, etc.

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