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Press Release

Stagebank's brands "HIBIRI" and "Tokyo Africa Collection" will be exhibiting at the 21st Charity Bazaar, organized by Ladies' Friendship Association for Africa and the Middle East (commonly known as NCAF) to be held at the Royal Park Hotel (Suitengu, Tokyo) on October 30th (Monday) 2023.

NCAF was established in 1981 as a gathering of women who have lived in or are interested in countries in the Middle East and Africa, and this is the 21st charity event organized by this association. At the bazaar, a total of 22 embassies from the Middle East and Africa countries, as well as various organizations, will be exhibiting products from various countries.


HIBIRI Underwear Mist is usually only available at online shop, but this is a rare opportunity to actually hold the product in your hands and try out the scent before purchasing. Tokyo Africa Collection will have a small exhibition and will sell some clothing from designers who have participated in the show in the past.

Please feel free to come by.

NCAF 21st Charity Bazaar
Date and time: 10/30 (Mon) 11:00-15:30
Venue: Royal Park Hotel (Suitengu, Tokyo)
Host: NCAF
Co-Host: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Africa Society of Japan
Ticket: 2,000 JPY

Tickets are on sale also through our company. Please contact us if you are interested.

Product is now available at online store

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