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Our new brand "HIBIRI Underwear Mist" is now available at online store for the customers in EU and Switzerland. This underwear mist (fabric fragrance spray) is developed under the supervision of a dermatologist and can be used to prevent odor and itching in their intimate areas. Simply spray directly onto underwear, napkins, or vaginal discharge sheets, or other fabric materials to prevent odor and itching.


  • Can be used for malodor and itching in intimate areas

  • Developed under the supervision of a dermatologist

  • Palm-sized, convenient to carry

  • Contains ingredients from Africa and Japan

  • A portion of the sales will be donated to NGOs

HIBIRI uses skin-friendly antibacterial ingredients derived from the clean water of Niigata, Japan and shea butter aqua, a moisturizing ingredient derived from Ghana, to deal with dryness and bacteria that cause odor and itchiness.

In addition, you can choose from two scents that are blended with high-quality essential oils from Madagascar. Each product also contains essential oils that are said to be effective in regulating menstrual pain and hormonal balance. The scent is not too strong. It dries quickly even after spraying and it doesn't get stuffy. It can be used not only by women but also by men, regardless of gender and for any kinds of fabric materials including pillow, towel, and socks.

Now available at online store for EU customers!


Press release of HIBIRI launch

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