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On Sunday, September 3, 2023, Stagebank held a talk event “Tokyo Africa Talk” in Harajuku, Tokyo. Tokyo Africa Talk was planned as a sister event of the African-themed fashion show Tokyo Africa Collection. We had Djiboutian designer EMEL, who will visit Japan to participate in the Tokyo Collection (Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo), His Excellency Ahmed Araita Ali, former Ambassador of the Republic of Djibouti to Japan, and fashion model Sonia Yamamoto, who is also active as a North African wine and food importer as talk guest. More than 100 people visited to this event, including Ambassadors from various countries. 

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In the talk session, following the opening remarks by H.E. Ahmed Araita Ali, former Ambassador of the Republic of Djibouti to Japan, Stagebank CEO Leo Sugo shared the background and vision of Tokyo Africa Collection and Tokyo Africa Talk. Afterwards, we had Djiboutian designer EMEL on the stage, and we took a deep dive into her career path, her brand ALSA SAMA, and the Djibouti Tokyo Week initiative, which she plans with Leo Sugo. Finally, Sonia Yamamoto, half Tunisian half Japanese model, talked about her career as a model and wine importer, the appeal of North African wine, and her vision.

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We also held a reception party, offering wines and soft drinks from various countries in North Africa. People from various industries, nationalities, and ages interacted. ​From the left, H.E. Araita Ahmed Ali (former Ambassador of the Republic of Djibouti to Japan), EMEL (ALSA SAMA designer), H.E. Daba Debele Hunde (Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to Japan), and Leo Sugo (CEO, Stagebank). 

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In addition to the exhibition of ALSA SAMA's new collection shown at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo, sales booths of North African and Mediterranean wines and olive oils by M&P, Stagebank's new brand HIBIRI, and designer's brands exhibited at the Tokyo Africa Collection. etc. were installed. Underwear mist HIBIRI, which uses materials from Madagascar and Ghana, was on pre-sale prior to official online sales.

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Djiboutian-Eritrean fashion designer, owning her fashion brand, ALSA SAMA (ALCA). With a long history of residence in Japan, her first solo exhibition in Ginza was attended by Her Imperial Highness Princess Kiko of Takamado. After participating twice in shows produced by Tokyo Africa Collection, she has also showcased her work at Vancouver Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Currently based in Lyon, France, she is scheduled to participate in Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo at the end of August 2023.

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Sonia Yamamoto

Model and also active as Mediterranean wine and food importer. Born to a Tunisian father and a Japanese mother, she began her modeling career at the age of 14. She has also joined M&P as board member, a trading company specializing in wines and foods from seven Mediterranean countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Croatia, Egypt, Algeria, and Bosnia) , playing a role as PR director. 

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Former Djibouti Ambassador to Japan

H.E. Ahmed Araïta Ali

Former Ambassador of Republic of Djibouti to Japan who spent about 13 years in Japan from 2008 to 2021 as Ambassador. In recognition of his contribution to bilateral relations between both countries, he was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star by His Imperial Majesty Emperor of Japan.


He is now a member of the African Review Panel of Eminent Persons as representative of East Africa. He is also co-founder and president of the Araï Consultancy.


CEO, Stagebank (Moderator)

Leo Sugo

CEO of Stagebank, Inc. He started his career at P&G, a leading American consumer goods manufacturer, where he thrived as a Brand Manager and Director in Japan and Singapore. He also launched the Tokyo Africa Collection, a fashion show focused on Africa, and has served as its representative ever since. He has invited designers from various African countries to Japan and leveraged Japanese models and influencers to promote the charms of Africa to younger generations. 


Attractive products from various parts of Africa will be exhibited and sold




Ethical fashion brand by EMEL, a Djiboutian designer based in France, that offers eco-responsible clothing that reduces our environmental impact. 

The brand will participate in Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo  2024 S/S. 


North Africa (Mediterranean)


A trading company that deals with wines and foods from seven countries around the Mediterranean (Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Croatia, Egypt, Algeria, Bosnia).

The company also has its own brand, "MESSELMANI" which offers products like couscous sauce.


Ghana & Madagascar (Japan)


A dermatologist-supervised underwear mist (spray) brand, using essential oils from Madagascar and shea butter from Ghana.

The product is designed for people who struggle with odor or itching in intimate area of the body. A part of the sales will be donated to NGOs working on women's empowerment in Africa.

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