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The 2nd Tokyo Africa Talk was held for two days, November 11th (Saturday) and 12th (Sunday), 2023, at the venue in Omotesando, Tokyo. Tokyo Africa Talk is planned as a sister event to the African-themed fashion show Tokyo Africa Collection, and is an event where people can encounter a "new Africa" ​​that differs from the general image of Africa in Japan, through various brands and projects related to Africa. This time, a variety of brands including art, fragrance, fashion, wine, and food was participating.


The talk session featured Malika Sera, a celebrity who is working with Kenyan organization Ocean Sole to promote arts and accessories made from flip-flops in Japan, Sonia Yamamoto, a fashion model who also works as an importer of North African wine and food, and the host Leo Sugo (Tokyo Africa Collection). At the venue, South African wine ASLINA was also provided to the attendees.


Malika Sera during the talk session with Ocean Sole product


Sonia Yamamoto and her imported wines from North Africa


The booth of HIBIRI, fragrance mist for underwear


South African wine ASLINA and various North African wines were served


H.E. DABA Debele Hunde, Ambassador of Ethiopia in Japan


Mr. Sako Lancine, President of Solidarity Cote d’Ivoire–Japan and Leo Sugo

Date: November 11th (Sat) and 12th (Sun) 11:00-21:00
Venue: 5450 the GALLERY (2F, 5-4-50 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Organizer: Stagebank / Tokyo Africa Collection

Cooperation: Uzuri LLC

Sponsor: ASLINA

Endocement: Africa Society of Japan, JETRO
Admission: Free (charges apply only for after party)

Language: Japanese
Food and drink: Alcohol and non-alcohol drinks available


Malika S - コピー.jpg


Malika Sera

She was selected as the youngest person in history to represent Japan in Miss World 2019. currently, while she is active as model and talent, she also attend Keio University. She is currently appearing on J-WAVE's `STEP ONE‘ (radio program) and BS TV Tokyo's `Nikkei News Plus 9‘ (TV program). Together with her friend, she launched the Uzuri Project, collaborating with Kenyan NGO Ocean Sole to collect sandal trash that causes ocean pollution, and selling animal objects and accessories with artistic and colorful designs in Japan.

Sonia S.jpg


Sonia Yamamoto

Model and also active as Mediterranean wine and food importer. Born to a Tunisian father and a Japanese mother, she began her modeling career at the age of 14. She has also joined M&P as board member, a trading company specializing in wines and foods from seven Mediterranean countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Croatia, Egypt, Algeria, and Bosnia) , playing a role as PR director. 


CEO, Stagebank

Leo Sugo

CEO of Stagebank, Inc. He started his career at P&G, a leading American consumer goods manufacturer, where he thrived as a Brand Manager and Director in Japan and Singapore. He also launched the Tokyo Africa Collection, a fashion show focused on Africa, and has served as its representative ever since. He has invited designers from various African countries to Japan and leveraged Japanese models and influencers to promote the charms of Africa to younger generations. He recently procuded new brand called HIBIRI, fragrance for underwear using ingridients from Africa and Japan. 


ASLINA Logo4.png

South Africa


Aslina is wine brand produced by Ntsiki Biyela, one of South Africa’s iconic and world-renowned female winemakers. A glass of Aslina wines (red and white) will be served for the guests during talk session and after party for free and will also be given to the visitors of the pop-up who purchased something from the sales booth. 


Attractive products from various parts of Africa will be exhibited and sold


Ghana & Madagascar (Japan)


A dermatologist-supervised underwear fragrance mist (spray) brand, using essential oils from Madagascar and shea butter from Ghana.

The product is designed for people who struggle with odor or itching in intimate area of the body. A part of the sales will be donated to NGOs working on women's empowerment in Africa.

TAT#1 Brand Logo.png


Uzuri / Ocean Sole

Ocean Sole is a beach cleanup project in Kenya, collecting beach sandals washed up on the shore and creates and sells animal objects and accessories with artistic and colorful designs. They are tackling social issues from multiple angles, such as solving ocean pollution problems, creating local employment opportunities, and dedicating a portion of their profits to protecting natural animals.


North Africa (Mediterranean)


A trading company that deals with wines and foods from seven countries around the Mediterranean (Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Croatia, Egypt, Algeria, Bosnia).

The company also has its own brand, "MESSELMANI" which offers products like couscous sauce.

TAT#1 Brand Logo (1).png

Africa (Overall)

Tokyo Africa Collection

The fashion show in Tokyo has collaborated with designers from various African countries to promote the appeal of Africa in Japan and Asia. They plan to sell clothing and accessories from designer's brands from Africa, including South Sudan and Rwanda.

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