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Influencer Registration

Stagebank, Inc


Our Service

We have in-house influencers and they are in charge of casting

We respect the branding of influencers and celebrities, introducing projects that matches with your contents 

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Why with us?



Many projects that regular influencer agencies do not hav​e

We have experience in casting not only for general client projects such as Instagram posts, but also for government, embassies, overseas projects, fashion shows, events, and many more.


Our in-house influencers are in charge of casting

Influencers are on the staff of this service and in charge of casting. We strive to communicate closely with models, talent, and influencers.


You can also belong to the other talent agency

Even if you belong to another agency or are registered on another influencer platform, you are also welcome to register.

*If you belong to agency please check with your agency before registering.


Please register NOW

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